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CIE Assessment Fellows

Role of Fellows

The role of the CIE Assessment Fellows is to provide leadership in outcomes assessment and facilitate outcomes assessment work carried out by Bergen faculty and staff, in both academic and AES units. The Fellows promote communication and the utilization of assessment results. Fellows, in collaboration with the General Education Committee and the Learning Assessment Committee, address the General Education assessment needs of the College.

The Fellows’ Responsibilities include:

  • Working with department assessment liaisons, unit leaders and key stakeholders (i.e., deans, department heads, unit leaders, vice presidents, the Faculty Senate) to ensure the development of high quality and meaningful assessment plans
  • Assisting and mentoring in all phases of outcomes assessment
  • Creating and conducting assessment workshops to expand the assessment knowledge base; engaging in college-wide forums
  • Providing leadership in General Education assessment and working together with the General Education Committee and the Learning Assessment Committee 
  • Publishing the CIE Newsletter
  • Attending Learning Assessment Committee (LAC) meetings and monthly Fellows meetings 
  • Attending regional/national conferences 
  • Creating and maintaining an electronic resource center 
  • Assisting in the preparation of reports and documents for Middle States accreditation 
  • Facilitating the implementation and use of the Tk20 Assessment Software

The Fellows’ Commitment Is:

  • Two-year term (summer as needed)
  • Three hours of reassigned time per semester 

CIE Assessment Fellow Application

CIE Newsletters:

Current Fellows

In 2013-2014, the Fellows will continue in this basic charge. As the assessment of student learning process becomes more focused and refined, additional support to the academic departments will be needed.  The 2013-2014 Fellows are:

  • Amarjit Kaur, Managing Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Gail Fernandez, Associate Professor, American Language Program; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Ilene Kleinman, Dean of Curriculum and Scheduling; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Jill Rivera, Assistant Coordinator, Educational Opportunity Fund; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Joanna Campbell, Professor, Dental Hygiene; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Maureen Ellis-Davis, Assistant Professor, Sociology; CIE Assessment Fellow
  • Shyamal Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts; CIE Assessment Fellow