Certificate in Music Technology

Certificate in

Students will:

  • Effectively use microphones, outboard gear, consoles and software to conduct studio recording sessions featuring live instruments and vocals
  • Apply the concepts of audio theory to creating music productions
  • Apply the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, arranging, performance and sound synthesis to compose expressive music using MIDI sequencing software and hardware
  • Employ signal processors and  other tools of  recording technology to effectively mix and edit multitrack recordings

Recommended Sequence

First Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS103 Fundamentals of Music​ 3
MUS131 Class Piano I 2
MUS150 Intro to MIDI Sequencing & Synthesis 3
MUS151 Introduction to Audio Recording​ 3
WRT101​ English Composition I 3​
Free Elective​  2-3
​ ​ 16-17

Second Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS231 Class Piano II 2
MUS250 Electronic Music Composition 3
MUS251 Studio Recording Techniques 3
MUS… Music Elective 3
General Education Elective*​ 3​
​ ​ 14


Specific Program Notes

*General Education Course List .

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.