COA in Commercial Music Production

Students will:

  • Display through live and recorded performances a knowledge of the elements of songwriting and producing
  • Use MIDI tools such as sequencers, synthesizers and keyboard controllers to write songs using music production software
  • Set up and conduct recording sessions of instruments used in commercial music
  • Create quality mixes of songs recorded with live and virtual instruments

Recommended Sequence

First Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS119 Songwriting Workshop 2
MUS131 Class Piano I 2
MUS151 Introduction to Audio Recording​ 3
MUS152 Introduction to the Music Business​ 3​
​ ​ 10

Second Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUS150 Introduction to MIDI Sequencing and Synthesis 3
MUS231 Class Piano II 2
MUS251 Studio Recording Techniques 3
​ ​ 8


Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.