A.A. Acting

Students will:

  • Be able to apply a variety of methods of acting, such as those of Constantine Stanislavsky and Sanford Meisner, in their professional work after leaving the college. 
  • Learn how to analyze a script, block a scene, and build a character, bringing their work to performance level.
  • Develop the physical and vocal technique in order to work in proscenium, three-quarters, and in-the-round (arena) settings.
  • Learn to perform in the different styles of these genres, from period pieces to contemporary plays.
  • Understand the discipline required to work in a professional setting by having experienced the demands of a rehearsal schedule and of maintaining a strong performance during the run of the show.  Each student will discover his/her own unique style and begin the development of an approach to their work that will guide them throughout their careers.
  • Gain a greater appreciation of the technical, backstage, and design elements of theatre by having worked in various technical capacities in the Theatre Department.
  • Have prepared at least three audition pieces (monologues) and strengthened their cold reading skills in order to hold their own at a professional audition. They will have the technique and knowledge to compete in this field and to continue their training in a professional acting program either at a college or at a studio.
  • Have a knowledge of the business of show business, including the various resources available for finding work, how to behave in different audition settings, purchasing headshots, writing a resume, and ultimately, joining the unions.

Recommended Sequence

First Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
THR110​ Basic Acting Techniques 3​
THR131​ Intro to Stagecraft & Lighting 3​
MAT…​ Mathematics Elective*​ 3-4​
COM…​ COM100 Speech Communication or
COM102 Public Speaking
WRT101​ English Composition I 3​
……​ Humanities Elective**​ 3​
​ ​ 18-19​

Second Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
Movement for the Performing Artist or
Scene Study
Mathematics or Computer Science or
Information Technology Elective* or
Free Elective


WRT201​ English Composition II ​ 3​
…… Humanities Elective** 3​
…… Social Science Elective*​ 3​
​ ​ 14-16​

Third Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
Audition Techniques or
Theatre Performance & Production or
Stage Management or
Dance Technique Class
HIS…​ History Elective* 3​
……​​ Humanities Elective** 3​
……​ Natural Science Elective* 4​
……​ Diversity Elective* 3​
​ ​ 14-15​

Fourth Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
Directing for the Stage or
Theatre Production Workshop
HIS…​ History Elective* 3​
…… Natural Science Elective* 4​
……​ Diversity Elective* 3​
……​ Free Elective​​ 2-4​
​ ​ 16-17​


Specific Program Notes

*General Education Elective(s)

**General Education Electives in Arts (ART, MUS,THR, CIN); Literature (LIT); Philosophy & Religion (PHR); or World Languages & Cultures (LAN). Recommended: THR101 Introduction to the Theatre; MUS110 Music, Art, & Drama; THR109 History of the Musical Theatre; THR140 Introduction to the Cinema.

***Dance Technique Classes – DAN102 Ballet; DAN103 Modern; DAN104 Tap; DAN105 Jazz; DAN108 Improvisation.

†If a student’s first-semester Mathematics elective is a 3-credit course, then s/he is required to select a second 3- or 4-credit elective in the second semester in Mathematics or Computer Science or Information Technology; and if a student’s first-semester Mathematics elective is a 4-credit course, then s/he is required to take a 3-credit Free Elective in the second semester (which may be a second Mathematics elective).

‡Recommended: IST123 Success 101 or one of the following: COM106 TV Production; DFT210 Computer Aided Drafting; THR 236 Lighting Design.

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