Musical Theater

Recommended Sequence

First Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
DAN102 Ballet 1​
DAN104​ Tap Dance 1​
MUA106​​ Voice I 1​
MUS103​ Fundamentals of Music 2​
MUS110​ Music, Art, and Drama 3​
MUS121​ Chorus I​ 1​
MUS131​ Class Piano I​ 2​
THR110​ Basic Acting Techniques​ 3​
WRT101​ English Composition I​ 3​
​ ​ 17

Second Semester

Section Name​ Title​ Credits​
MUA246​ Voice II 1​
History of Musical Theatre 3​
MUS118 Vocal Workshop 2​
MUS134​ Ear Training and Musicianship I​ 2​
THR113​ Movement for the Performing Artist 2​
THR114​ Audition Techniques 2​
……​ Restricted Elective***​ 3​
……​ General Education Elective*​ 3​
​ ​ 18


Specific Program Notes

*General Education Course List. Recommended: MUS101, MUS107, MUS108, THR101, THR140.

**Restricted Music Electives: MUS231, MUS255, MUA104, MUS120, MUS140, DAN103, DAN105, THR111, THR131, THR210.

Students enrolled in this program ARE NOT REQUIRED to successfully complete a course in basic algebra if indicated by Placement Testing.