Mentoring Speakers Bureau

Mentoring Speakers Bureau

men•tor: “a trusted counselor or guide” (Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary)


The BCC Alumni Mentoring Program is a conduit for students to tap the rich reserve of BCC alumni career and life experience. The program is designed to put students in contact with individual alumni, who provide career and educational guidance to the student.

Mentors are caring people who influence us in finding fulfillment and living up to our potential.

The BCC Alumni Mentoring program is a chance for students to learn about real world opportunities from people who got their start at Bergen and built personal and professional success upon a Bergen foundation.

The Office of Alumni Affairs provides guidelines to assist both parties in feeling more at ease as they allow their relationship to develop. Mentors should have the time to communicate with students, either in person, by email or telephone, monthly, if possible, but at least five times during the academic year.

The BCC Alumni Speakers Bureau is an opportunity for alumni who have less time to participate, to address classes or participate in panel discussions on an occasional basis. 

To become a BCC alumni mentor, please take a minute to fill out a Mentor Application. Students seeking a mentor should fill out the Student Application. To become a member of the Alumni Speakers Bureau, please fill out the Alumni Speaker Application.

Please return your completed application to: Office of Alumni Affairs, at [email protected], or 400 Paramus Rd, Rm. A336, Paramus, NJ 07652-1595. We will contact you with additional guidelines and to connect you with a student, mentor or speaking opportunity. For information please call the office (201) 879-8952.

To be an Alumni Mentor

Alumni and former BCC students may serve as mentors. To be a mentor you must:

  • Be in good standing with the College (no outstanding financial or academic issues)
  • Be a member in good standing of the Alumni Network
  • Fill out a mentoring application
  • Agree to have your information posted in an alumni mentoring directory or database that can be viewed by current students
  • Agree to attend and be recognized for your service at a year-end alumni mentor networking event
  • Share your professional and educational information, including your degree, major, current employment, job title and duties, and graduate school degrees (if any) to assist faculty and students in the process of selecting mentors
  • Be willing to meet in person, speak on the phone or correspond by email with the student, preferably at least once a month but not less than five times over the course of the academic year

On the Threshold of a Dream – Jon D’Amore Signs with NY Literary Agent

Jon D'AmoreJon D’Amore has pursued careers as a musician, a corporate executive, and a writer since his days as a student at Bergen Community College in 1976 and 1977. Currently a Los Angeles-based writer, Jon recently signed with a major New York literary agency to sell his manuscript for “The Boss Always Sits In The Back” to a publisher.

The signing is a major step forward for the self-published author from Union City, where he was honored on May 24, 2012 by Mayor and state Sen. Brian Stack with “Jon D’Amore Day.”

His novel is based on growing up on the fringe of organized crime in Bergen and Hudson counties as well as his own unwitting part in a scam that funneled millions of dollars out of several Las Vegas casinos into the coffers of the North Jersey mob.

In the spring and fall of 2013, Jon visited Bergen Community College and spoke to Professor Julia Peterson’s media class about marketing and self-publishing. He also donated two signed copies of “The Boss Always Sits In The Back” to the College library for circulation.

His days at BCC still influence Jon, who came to the College to learn about contracts in preparation for his musical career.

“I did a radio show from the school studios. It really helped me in my ability to communicate to the masses,” he said. “I still think about that today because I do an internet radio show and often talk about what I did at Bergen Community College.”

For more information about Jon and obtaining a copy of “The Boss Always Sits In The Back” visit