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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of Bergen Community College’s students. We play an active role in the shared governance of the College.

The Student Government Association serves as a link between the student body and the college administration, and oversees the administrative aspects of student clubs and organizations.

The Student Government Association is committed to the concept of a democratic form to develop the academic, social, and cultural growth of the student body. The members of our organization are also committed to the fair representation of the student body, and the fulfillment of its needs.

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To run in the Spring 2017 Elections for the 2017-2018 Executive Board please complete your Declaration of Intent Form.

Please review the 2017 Election Guidelines and follow up accordingly.

2017-2018 Executive Board Candidates

*Note: All candidate bios are unedited.*


Name: Erin Moran

Erin Moran

Program of Study: Computer Science

Bio: My name is Erin Moran and I am running for SGA President. I have been a student at Bergen for two years now. I started as a part-time student and am now attending full time. I am a first generation American and first generation college student. Our school has students from over 138 different countries; I believe that diversity is Bergen’s best quality and what makes it such a great school. So, if elected, I plan to promote more diversity and inclusion. A few of the projects I would like to work on would be improving the Wi-Fi, finding a way for students to track the shuttle on their phones, and starting a mentorship program. I ask that you cast your vote for me; I would be honored to serve as your President.

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: Sibora Peca

Program of Study: Biotechnology

Sibora Peca's picture


I am Sibora Peca and this is my second-year majoring Biotechnology at Bergen. I am a very optimistic and passionate person who aims to leave a legacy and help my fellow students have a better environment and opportunities while they study at Bergen. It is our Bergen and let’s make this college experience a unique and growing experience. I have already served as the Treasurer and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which has been one of the most rewarding and growing experiences. Being in touch with Bergen Club Leaders has inspired me to be a better person and develop a culture of accepting and helping others and their ideas.

Throughout my term, I highly advocated club collaboration and built a system to share important information for every student at Bergen. Moreover, holding such position in the Student Government has given me an understanding of how this body works and what are the main problems to work on. Hence, my goal if I become the Student Government President, I would concentrate on three main goals and put all my time, dedication, and passion to accomplish these goals. Therefore, my platform would consist of doing research and having more evening classes for students who work full time, more food options, and sleeping pods.

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Vice President

Name: Thomas Litito

Thomas Litito's picture

Program of Study: General Studies

Bio: Hello Student Body! Simply put, a BETTER BERGEN means a BETTER YOU. If elected Vice President, I will work to foster an environment of academics, community, creativity, leadership, personal growth, and ultimately- make Bergen a better place! Here are the initiatives I am proposing:

  • MOODLE MANIA: Make all professors post their PowerPoints/PDFs to Moodle.
  • FREE SAT TUTORING: Get the Tutoring Center to provide FREE SAT tutoring, so you’ll be well prepared to transfer to any university.
  • HONORS CLASSES: Work with Honors Association to have more honors classes for students.
  • BUILD COMRADERIE: Plan more events for our student body. (dodgeball tourneys, eating contests, etc.)
  • BRIDGES, NOT BARRIERS: Work with student organizations across campus to continue to foster (and improve) an environment of equality for everyone.
  • OUTREACH: Make sure important information which will benefit you (regarding events, clubs, opportunities, etc.) is more easily accessible (via print materials, email, and online) —
  • IMPROVED WIFI: Improve the Wi-Fi in classrooms across Campus
  • CAFE WEBSITE: Create a Website for the Cafeteria (so you can see daily specials, hours, menu, nutritional info)
  • OPTIMIZE WEBSITE ( Optimize the current Bergen Website to be more user friendly and to have more relevant information for students.
  • SGA WEBSITE: Create a Website for Student Government Association (so you can share input, ideas, and info with us)

Here is my email, [email protected]. Please contact me with any ideas you have to make Bergen better. I believe that, together, we can achieve the goal of making Bergen a better place. If elected, I promise to do everything in my power to make this happen. Please vote for me. Thank you for reading this, and have a great day. Go Bulldogs.

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Treasurer/Speaker of the House of Representatives

Name: Doreta Biba

Doreta Biba's picture

Program of Study: Business Administration Accounting

Bio: My name is Doreta Biba and I study Business Administration Accounting. I am an international student from Albania and this year I accomplished my biggest dream; to come and study in America. I am 18 years and I work as a tutor in the Tutoring Center. I became the president of ISA this semester as well as a senator in SGA. I am a very active student because I enjoy helping others achieve their goals. I have always participated in different activities because I love being involved and meeting new people. I have volunteered in many organizations in my country and I want to do the same thing here because I believe there is always something you can change. Friends tell me that I am born to be a leader and actually leading my teams with compassion is what I enjoy doing the most. I have many leadership experiences but now I want to become the Treasurer of SGA because I want to positively affect student’s life on campus.

Click here to view Doreta’s Resume

Chief Justice

Name: Tyler Kim

Tyler Kim's picture

Program of Study: Bus. Admin. – Marketing

Bio: With open eyes and ears, Tyler Kim hopes to listen to and address any and all concerns that may plague the student body. Tyler only has the best interests of the student body in mind concerning any decisions that may be made that could potentially affect the student body as a whole. Tyler is currently a candidate for A.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and hopes to transfer to after the Spring 2018 semester. In his spare time, you can find Tyler playing basketball at LA Fitness or in the library catching up on schoolwork.

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Name: Alicia Moran

Alicia Moran's picture

Program of Study: Information Technology

Bio: Bergen Community College is known for its core values: integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility. The Chief Justice is the one who must encourage and promote these ideals. These values are an absolute necessity to have when it comes to a Chief Justice, and I firmly believe that I represent all of these values. My goal is to represent each of the students here at Bergen Community College, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or religion. I want the students of Bergen to have the same opportunities as the next person. Representation matters, and I know I will be great at representing the students of this college. I would like to have this position so I can continue to guarantee that this school will continue to promote safety for every member of this college. It is important to me that the students, staff, and faculty at Bergen Community College know that they are in a safe environment. Being a voice for the students here at Bergen is great, but as Chief Justice, I will go beyond what is required of me. I would be honored to serve you as Chief Justice in the coming term. But to do this, I need you to support me. Please vote for me, Alicia Moran, during election week. Thank you.

Click here to view Alicia’s Resume

Executive Assistant

Name: Nicole Cacciatore

Nicole Cacciatore's picture

Program of Study: Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Bio: My name is Nicole Cacciatore, I am nineteen years old and currently attend Bergen Community College full time. My major is Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I am very involved within Bergen’s Student Government, where I hold a senator position and the Public Relations Chair. Another club I participate in is Active Minds and hold a secretary position within. I enjoy every way I can help out and continue with my help even after my Bergen journey is complete.

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