Visiting Students


Summer sessions are a perfect time to take courses at Bergen Community College and transfer them back to your home institution.

The process is simple: no need to take the Basic Skills placement test or meet with an academic advisor to register.
Simply follow these steps:

1. Complete the Visiting Student Application Form
2. Complete the Registration Form (search online for classes by clicking here/accessing the course offerings portal)
3. Meet with your advisor at your home institution to ensure that classes you take here will transfer back to your home institution.

As a visiting student, it’s your responsibility to confirm that the course(s) you take at Bergen Community College will transfer to your college and that you have the prerequisites necessary to succeed in the course(s).
It’s recommended that you obtain a permission letter from your home institution permitting you to take course(s) at Bergen Community College.You may provide a college transcript (official or unofficial) that illustrates that you have met requisites for the desired course(s).

While most visiting students do not have online registration access, some may. Such access is based on students having satisfied certain requirements that are then reflected in the system (pre/co-requisites).
Visiting students have a non-matriculated status which may limit online registration access.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that credits will transfer back to their home institution.
To have your Bergen transcript sent to your home institution, please see:
If you are considering staying enrolled with Bergen, Fall registration will remain open to you.

START and END Dates:

  • Summer I 6 weeks) – Monday, May 22 – ends Friday, June 30
  • Summer U (11 weeks) – Monday, May 22 – ends Friday, August 11
  • Summer II (6 weeks) – Wednesday, July 5 – ends Friday, August 11
  • Summer II (3 weeks) – Monday, August 7 – ends Friday, August 25
  • Fall (16 weeks) – Friday, September 1 – ends Thursday, Dec. 21st.

The Office of Specialized Services (OSS) serves students with physical, visual, learning, hearing, and psychiatric disabilities. For accommodations, you must contact this office and provide documentation.
Visit the OSS website or call (201) 612-5269 / (201) 447-7845 (TTY).

For more information, email [email protected].