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Voki Talking Avatar

What is Voki?

Voki provides a unique way to get your students to hear your message.  Use Voki to motivate, instruct, or animate your class. It provides a creative means of giving your students a voice in class assignments.

How do I get started with Voki?

To get started using Voki, create a free account at voki.com .  Create a unique presence by choosing your character, hair, clothing and background setting.  Add your own voice or type your text and have a computer voice speak for you.  Choose from 30 languages since Voki is multi-lingual. Voki can be embedded in your Moodle course or faculty webpage.

Where can I find examples of VOKI?

  • Voki is used on the Student affairs online orientation website.  Avatars on each counselor’s page provide an introduction to services provided.  Instead of just reading the text the student can listen to the avatar’s verbal description.
  • Math Playground is an external site that uses Voki to help students solve word problems. The student listens to 2 avatars explain how to solve the problem and must decide which avatar is correct.
  • VOKI can be used for language learning. See the example of a French speaking avatar below.  French text  is entered and a French voice is selected for the proper pronunciation.

Where can I get help with using VOKI?

If you would like to set up a training session or have questions about using VOKI, please contact Beverly Margolies at