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Instructional Resources

You can find tutorials, manuals and web links realted to the college supported services. If you still need assistance finding information, please email us at citl@bergen.edu.

  • Open Education Resources (OER)
  1. Lumen Learning Catalog of courses: https://courses.candelalearning.com/catalog/lumen
  2. PCCC Libguides : http://pccc.libguides.com/
  3. OER Pathways courses from Pierce College: http://tinyurl.com/piercePOP
  4. Saylor Foundation: http://www.saylor.org/books/
  5. OpenStax College: https://www.openstaxcollege.org/
  6. Merlot: http://merlot.org
  7. Florida’s Digital Repository: http://florida.theorangegrove.org/og/
  8. College Open Textbooks: http://www.collegeopentextbooks.org/
  9. Open Textbook Library: https://open.umn.edu/opentextbooks/
  10. Open SUNY Textbooks: http://textbooks.opensuny.org/
  11. BCcampus OpenEd: https://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/
  • Assistive Technologies

      • Access DL – Accessible Distance Learning resources on making distance learning courses accessible to students and instructors with disabilities
      • GRADE – Georgia Tech Research provides guidelines for making distance education accessible
  • Assessment and Evaluation

      • Quality Matters – evaluates online course for standards
      • Rubrics – a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics.
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