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Faculty Association

  • provides access to legal representation for its members for both job-related matters and personal matters. In job-related matters, there is no cost to a faculty member for legal representation up to and beyond the point of litigation. For personal matters, the faculty member will receive legal representation at a reduced rate. For more detailed information, contact BCCFA President, Tobyn De Marco (201-447-7988), or the NJEA Uniserv Office for Higher Education..
  • is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), and the Bergen County Education Association. These affiliations provide political and legislative representation for BCCFA members at the national, state, and county levels. Services provided by the NEA and NJEA include “bill tracking” issues of importance to community college faculty, communicating with federal and state legislators to relay comments and concerns of the faculty, and working with the BCCFA Executive Committee to review and prioritize current legislation viewed as important to us.
  • acts on behalf of all BCCFA members in negotiating changes to salary, benefits, and working conditions at the College. Recent important changes have included such items as the negotiation of the BCC-BCCFA Contract settlement for 2004-2007, of pension improvements for members in the PERS and TPAF retirement systems, and of modifications to the College’s distance learning program.
  • monitors the conduct of College policy-recommending committees and other bodies to ensure that faculty issues and concerns are given appropriate consideration.
  • facilitates communication with the BCCFA newsletter, Union Matters, distributed campus-wide each semester, through printed and email bulletins and memos on important issues that affect BCCFA members, and through this website.
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