Victor Anaya, Ed.D

Executive Director of Finance

Victor Anaya joined Bergen Community College in August, 2013. He is a progressive leader that has a track record of more than 35 years with diverse accounting/financial experience working for corporations, government and educational institutions such as Sears, ABC (American Broadcasting Company), Pan Am, The Hertz Corporation, The Superior Court of New Jersey, Sanford-Brown Institute and CUNY (The City University of New York).

Also, Dr. Anaya is a team builder, turning around underperforming areas to realign efforts with strategic objectives. He mentors, trains, and directs cross-functional teams to complete critical initiatives. Combines hands-on-experience and (ERP) accounting systems expertise to maintain operations in stride with changing demands. His core strengths consist of team building, customer service, financial modeling, purchasing, due diligence, startup operations, system configurations, mergers and acquisitions, project management, forecasting, partnership building, training and development, policy development and implementation, compliance process management, accounting/financial management, business planning, financial and internal controls.

Dr. Anaya is a family man with a wife and two daughters. He values the contributions and team values of his staff and colleagues to work together for the better of the organization. Dr. Anaya holds a Doctorate Degree in Community College Leadership from the National American University; a Master of Science degree in Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from William Paterson University.