Spring 2014

Finalize Steering Committee and Working Groups President and Executive Team
Choose self-study model President and Executive Team
Draft self-study design Steering Committee
MSCHE staff liaison’s visit on March 4, 2014 All
Receive approval on Bergen’s self-study design from MSCHE Steering Committee
Complete preliminary inventory of Documents and Resources Steering Committee
Create Communication Plan Communication Team
Self-Study Orientation – April 3, 2014 Steering Committee & Working Groups
Prepare self-study information for April 8, Faculty Conference Steering Committee

Summer 2014

Complete the Document Roadmap for compliance CIE and Working Group Co-Chairs
Planning session to become familiar with self-study design Working Groups
Survey supporting documents and finalize a list of data needs Working Groups

Fall 2014

Research phase begins Working Groups
Student Working Group is selected Steering Committee
Report template is finalized Steering Committee
Self-Study updates at department/division/committee meetings Steering Committee
Interim reports due in December Steering Committee & Working Groups

Winter 2014 – January 2015

Evaluation Team Chair receives self-study design Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Spring 2015

Self-Study Check-In Session Steering Committee and Working Groups
Students present research report Working Groups and Steering Committee
Work Groups submit analytical reports to Steering Committee Working Groups
Self-Study Communication update to the College in May Communication Team

Summer 2015

DRAFT Reports due in May Working Groups
Release Draft Reports to the College constituents Communication Team
Draft self-study report Steering Committee
Develop & populate Self-Study website Communication Team & CIE

Fall 2015

Self-Study update to the College community Communication Team
Campus community reviews draft self-study report Steering Committee
Board of Trustees reviews draft self-study President’s Office
Share draft report with the County Executive & Freeholders President’s Office
Send draft report to Evaluation Team Chair Steering Committee Co-Chairs
Evaluation Team Chair’s preliminary visit to Bergen All

Winter 2016

Steering Committee finalizes self-study report All
Self-study report is sent to Evaluation Team and MSCHE President

Spring 2016

Campus preparations for Evaluation Team Visit President’s Office & Steering Committee
Self-Study update to the College community Communication Team
Evaluation Team Visit All
Bergen’s response to Evaluation Team’s Report President and Executive Team