pic of websterOffice Location: TEC 209
Phone: 201-447-9221
Email: mwebster@bergen.edu


  • M.S. Hofstra University
  • B.S. Univ. of Minnesota


  • MOS Word Core
  • MOS Word Expert

My philosophy of teaching is to “learn by doing.” That’s why I enjoy teaching skill courses, because mastering skill courses is “learning by doing!” It is rewarding to see students start from the point of knowing nothing of the skill and then to learn that skill, with which they can obtain a job. That job will give them satisfaction in being able to become self-sustaining. Sometimes it provides the means to put food on the table, or means to buy a mode of transportation, or even means to travel to places they have never been. I try to be fair, but I expect students to keep “in step” with or ahead of the course calendar and be responsible in every way. My frequent reminder to students is that I don’t “give” grades; they “earn” their grades.


  • INF-100 Keyboarding
  • INF-114 MS Office
  • INF-119 Document Processing Using Word
  • INF-120 PowerPoint
  • INF-124 Excel
  • INF-214 Administrative Simulation