Lynn Gold

Associate Professor, Faculty Advisor to Hillel Club
Office: Main Building L-326
Phone: (201) 612-5273
Email: [email protected]

BA from Temple University, Pennsylvania
MA from Seton Hall University, New Jersey

Came to Bergen in 1990.

Have also taught for eight years, grades 5 – 12 in public schools.
Usually teach: all levels of English Basic Skills and the American Language Program.

Currently Vice President of the Association of New Jersey County College Faculties.

I have lived in California for four years and Alaska for three.
My hobby is to travel. I’ve been to France, England, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Canada, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Virgin Islands, and most of the United States.

“I enjoy working with a diverse population of students, and I am always inspired by their motivation and academic goals.”