The Labyrinth


Charlie Orlando Leppert, Editor
Devon Gohde, Editor

Mary Crosby, Advisor

We would like to thank Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. William Mullaney, Dean Beatrice Bridglall, English Department, Chair Lou Ethel Roliston, and Professors James Zorn, Seamus Gibbons and Brian Cordell for their unflagging support. A very special thank you to Professor James Zorn for judging this year’s writing competition.

Table of Contents
Front Cover, photograph by Dylan Barrick, the Voyeur
Back Cover, photograph by Kylie Curry, Beyond

saturday night, poetry, Kaiden Cilento 1
21, photograph, Regan Luke 2
Here and There, poetry, Vesna Coleska 3
Untitled 1, photograph, Maria Brown 4
In the Opinion of Love, poetry, Jared DelGado 5
Isolating My Priorities, essay, Jared DelGado 6
Untitled 4, photograph, Maria Brown 7
Sky, poetry, Jenna Demmer 8
Lucid Dream, poetry, Jenna Demmer 9
Bryant Park, photograph, Regan Luke 10
Driving the Earth to Its’ Death, essay, Jeremy Hurst 11
Abeilles. St Valere, photograph, Regan Luke 14
My Religion, poetry, Ariana Landeira 15
Amphetamine, poetry, Ariana Landeira 16
Perturbation, photograph, Jeremy Hurst 17
Fear of Flying, poetry, Charlie Orlando Leppert 18
Forgiveness, poetry, Charlie Orlando Leppert 19
Centrifugal, poetry, Charlie Orlando Leppert 20
Birds & G-d Over New Jersey Turnpike, poetry, Charlie Orlando Leppert 21
Guns Don’t Kill People the Way No One Dies of AIDS, poetry, Charlie Orlando Leppert 22
Listening, photograph, Dylan Barrick 23
The Truth of Blindness, poetry, Anexis Matos 24
Sound Memory, poetry, Anexis Matos 25
Home, photograph, Anthony Crespo 26
Wishes & Dreams, poetry, Felice Sacco 27
Rhombus Glass, poetry, Felice Sacco 28
This Be Me, poetry, Felice Sacco 29
Thanatos Cometh, photograph, Dylan Barrick 30
If Only, I Could Speak, poetry, Christine Jessica Sawruk 31
Mason Jar, poetry, Christine Jessica Sawruk 32
Stages, poetry, Christine Jessica Sawruk 33
Magnolia, photograph, Regan Luke 34
This Is For You, essay, Victoria Summers 35
Untitled 5, photograph, Maria Brown 37
Grave Robbers, fiction, Laura Veloso 38
Shrieking Warfare, fiction, Laura Veloso 44
The American Reality, photograph, Dylan Barrick 45
Hell Reigns, poetry, Khalil Willoughby 46
Untitled, photograph, Regan Luke 47
“I Can’t Control My Brain”, essay, Devon Gohde 48