Science Infusion Program

The Science Infusion Program (SIP) is a pilot program, sponsored by the STEM/GPS program. SIP promotes the collaboration between Science and English Professors to promote science as a context in the English class (recommended for ALP, EBS and WRT101 classes) and writing and reading support for the science class. The successful 2012/2013 Science Literacy Series Pilot program utilized Food Safety/Food Poisoning topics as a context in EBS classes and a wide range of science topics in ALP classes. SIP is a spinoff of the Science Literacy Series Pilot and was developed to expand faculty participation and facilitate individualized programs. A successful partnership on Malaria as a Global Health Problem was completed in Spring 2014.

  • What is SIP? – Read about the new Science Infusion Program (SIP) and details regarding faculty participation and payment.
  • Contextualized Learning – Review literature on contextualized learning to decide if you are interested in using science as a context in your class.
  • How to Sign Up for SIP – If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the SIP team click here. Follow directions to submit and online form with your contact information, your interests in science and possible SIP course data.
  • Create a Faculty Partnership – After you review the list of Interested Instructors, reach out to faculty with similar interests and then move forward to explore a faculty partnership.
  • Partnership Sign-Up – When you have decided on a faculty partnership, please submit details on your faculty partnership here. This will register you in the SIP program.
  • SIP Planning by Faculty Partners – Start the planning process with your partner for your Spring 2015 classes. Ideas for using science context in English classes are presented at this link.
  • Examples of Successful Faculty Partnerships – Summaries of experiences from the Science Literacy Series are found at this page.