Create a Faculty Partnership

  1. By signing up, your information will be part of the “Potential Partners” list. You can search these lists to look for a potential SIP partner. The lists will be updated as interested faculty sign up.
  2. When selecting a SIP faculty partner, consider the faculty member, their area of science interest and class meeting times. It would be very beneficial if the partners’ classes share a common meeting time to facilitate common projects/activities during the semester. Ideally, courses should have one common meeting time to allow for common events for the SIP program. The course cannot have all the same meeting times because faculty must be able to attend their partner’s classes.
    1. Example: WRT 101 MW 8-9:15 partnered with BIO107 WF 8:9:15 WRT Professor can work with BIO classes on Friday and BIO Professor can work with WRT Professor on Monday. Wednesday is used for events for both WRT and BIO classes. Extracurricular activities are optional.
  3. Contact the prospective SIP faculty partner and establish an exploratory meeting with the potential SIP partner to determine if the partnership is viable. Discuss ideas for SIP implementation in your courses.
  4. When faculty partnerships are created, go to Partnership Sign-Up. On this page the faculty partners will complete the Faculty Partnership Form. You will identify the faculty members in the partnership and courses for the SIP program. Filling out this form registers you for the SIP program and payment.
  5. Start the planning process in FALL 2014 and implement in SPRING 2015. Go to the SIP Planning by Faculty Partners link for interesting ideas for science context in English classes.
  6. At the end of the SPRING 2015 semester submit SIP report on your activities.