Examples of Successful Faculty Partnerships

EBS Department Chair, Professor Don Reilly and ALP Professor Bob Freud participated in the 2012/2013 Science Literacy Series program.  Their final reports on the successful integration of science context in the classrooms can be found below.  They worked with the Department of Biology and Horticulture Professors, Mary Flannery and Barbara Davis for science support for this pilot. Professors Ellen Feig and Barbara Davis worked on Malaria as a Global Health Problem in Spring 2014.

SIP Planning by Faculty Partners

When the SIP faculty partnerships have been formed, the faculty will spend four hours working together to create a plan for their SIP Partnership and schedule time for attending classes for the semester. After the semester plan has been implemented, the faculty will submit their final report, which will include plans, execution and a summary of their experience with the SIP program. The report will also include dates and times spent on planning and classroom attendance.