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Dr. George Cronk headshot

Attorney at Law
Musician (“Academic Freedom”)

M.A., Rutgers University (History)
J.D., Rutgers University School of Law
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (Philosophy)

Office: Room A-326B

Phone(s): 201-447-7167 (BCC) or 973-238-1009 (off-campus)

Areas of specialization
: history of philosophy (ancient, medieval, and modern), metaphysics, epistemology, logic, Eastern philosophy, comparative religions, philosophical theology, biblical studies, legal studies

Publications: “How to Put Religious Studies on the Map at a Community College,” Bulletin of the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion (February-April 2005); On Shankara (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2003); Readings in Philosophy: Eastern & Western Sources (ed. with T. Demarco, P. Dlugos, & P. Eckstein) (Hayden-McNeil, 2d ed., 2004); “George Herbert Mead,” Dictionary of Literary Biography (2003); Fundamentals of Modern Logic (Hayden-McNeil, 2001); “George Herbert Mead,” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (1999); Philosophy East & West (trans. and ed.) (Harcourt 2000); Readings in Eastern Philosophy (ed.) (Harcourt 1999); Eight Philosophical Classics (trans. and ed.) (Harcourt 1998); The Message of the Bible (St. Vladimir’s 1990); The Philosophical Anthropology of George Herbert Mead (Peter Lang 1987); “James and the Problem of Intersubjectivity,” The Philosophy of William James (ed. W.R. Corti) (Felix Meiner Verlag 1976); “A Symbolic Interactionist Account of the Process of Psychotherapy,” Darshana International (1974); “Symbolic Interactionism: A Left-Meadian Interpretation,” Social Theory and Practice (1973); “Mechanistic Materialism and the Genesis of Modern Skepticism,” Kinesis (1969); “Vicissitudes,” Kinesis (1970).

Email Address: gcronk@bergen.edu

Personal Home Page:: cronksite.com/