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Assistant Professor

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Zagreb (Croatia), Fulbright Research Scholarship (with Arthur Danto), Columbia University, 1992-1993 Project: “Nonpropositional Knowledge and Concept Formation”
: Room L-331
Phone: 201-493-7528
Email: vbozicevic@bergen.edu

Areas of interest
: aesthetics, ethics, history of philosophy, modern philosophy (British Empiricism, Continental Philosophy, 20th century Analytic Philosophy), philosophy of language, philosophy of mind

Current Research: the moral responsibility of artists to the audience, art and moral education, issues in aesthetics and ethics

Publications: “Review of P. de Bolla: Art Matters,” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (forthcoming, 2004); “Review of E.E.Sleinis: Art and Freedom,” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (Winter 2004); “Conventions in Language and Pictures,” Language, Mind and Society (Maribor, Slovenia, 1997); “The State of Croatian Philosophy of Art,” Newsletter of the American Society for Aesthetics (Winter 1996); Britanski empirizam [British Empiricism] (ed.) (Zagreb: Skolska knjiga, 1996); “Tractarian Support for a Nonpropositional Paradigm,” Acta Analytica (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1995); Word and Image: Hermeneutic and Semantic Approaches (Zagreb: Filozofska istrazivanja, 1990); Estetika Susanne K. Langer [The Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer] (Zagreb: Zavod za filozofiju, 1983).