The mission of the Bergen Community College Theatre Program is to provide students with comprehensive instruction in the field of Theatre Arts that will prepare them for continued studies in a four-year institution and/or entry into the professional theatre community. While pursuing a Theatre degree, students will develop a variety of skills and attitudes conducive to a lifetime of independent learning, with an awareness and appreciation of diverse views and an understanding of the contributions of theatre to society and culture in general. Through work in the classroom, on the stage, and in professional settings, BCC Theatre students will gain a sophisticated appreciation of the demands of the craft of theatre.

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The Theatre program values classroom study and all aspects of theatrical production as components of equal and complementary worth. We value a healthy environment that is individualized and collaborative, and fosters diversity, inclusion, and civility. We also recognize the importance of community involvement in our theatre and we continue to welcome the participation of our community members as patrons, performers, and students.