Microsoft Access I

Students will learn how to orient themselves with Microsoft Access 2016, create a simple Access database, and get help in Microsoft Access. Students will learn how to modify table data, work with, sort and filter records, how to create lookups, how to join data from different tables in a query, sort and filter data in a query, and perform calculations in a query. Students will also learn how to create parameter queries, action queries, unmatched queries, duplicate queries, and how to summarize data with queries. Creating reports, adding controls to a report, enhancing the appearance of a report, and preparing a report for print are all covered in this class. Learn how to import data into Access, export Access data to text file formats, export Access data to Excel, and create a mail merge. This lesson covers how to organize report information, format reports, include charts in a report, add a calculated field to a report, and add a sub-report to an existing report. In the final lesson, how to create a mailing label report and how to publish a report as a PDF will be covered.

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