Department of Labor Workforce Development Grants

Department of Labor Workforce Development Grants

Your business might qualify for public funds that may underwrite the cost of training that can upgrade the skills of your employees. We can help you apply for these Department of Labor grants.

The following are Workforce Development grants that may be available to you:

Customized Training Grants—in order to receive consideration, an applicant must be one or more of the following: 

  • An individual employer seeking customized training resources to create, upgrade or retain workers in a specific industry and employs 500 or fewer workers at a particular facility.
  • An employer organization, labor organization or community-based organization or consortium of these organizations seeking to provide customized training to their employees.
  • An individual employer that is relocating from another state into New Jersey and will be creating jobs. The application prequalification will be accepted once the employer has a valid New Jersey address.

Literacy Grants — the aim of these grants is to provide training to upgrade the basic skills and enhance the knowledge and work-related abilities of New Jersey workers, enabling them to increase their opportunities for economic and personal advancement while adding to the overall productivity and economic well-being of the employer. Potentially eligible applicants include individual employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and educational institutions or consortia.

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