Book List

English 9: Night; Of Mice and Men; Romeo & Juliet
English 10: To Kill a Mockingbird; A Separate Peace; The Lord of the Flies; Julius Caesar
English 11: Macbeth; The Catcher and the Rye; The Great Gatsby
English 12: Hamlet; Death of a Salesman; A Streetcar Named Desire; Fences; The Crucible

Spanish 1: Buen Viage 1, Schmitt-Woodford, Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2008 (078-0-07-879138-3)
Spanish 2: Buen Viage 2, (978-0-078-79140-6)

World History: World History: The Modern Era (978-0-13-365497-4)
US History 1: America: Pathways to the Present (0-13-133508-1)
US History 2: America: Pathways to the Present (0-13-133508-1)

Chemistry-remedial course
Book to be used: 
ISBN 10: 0130543845 / 0-13-054384-5
ISBN 13: 9780130543844
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 2001
Binding: Hardcover

Curriculum to be covered:
These are the topics2
Topics we will cover are:
Scientific Method 5.1.12.C.1-3
Measurement 5.1.12.C & D.1-3
Properties of Matter 5.1.12.C & D.1-3
Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table 5.2.12.A.4, B.1 and 5.1.12.C.1-3
Naming Compounds 5.2.12.A.1,3,4
Moles 5.1.12.A.1 and 5.2.12.B.3
Chemical Reactions 5.2.12.A.3 and B.2
Stoichiometry 5.1.12.C.1-3, D.1-3, 5.2.12.A.2 and B.3