Information for Parents and Students

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Drop off and Pick up 

  • We are pleased to offer our summer courses in Ender Hall on the Paramus Campus of Bergen Community College. [Click here for campus map] To make drop off and pick up safe for all students, our Public Safety officers will be on site to control the flow of traffic. 
  • Because the children’s program for ages 7-12 is also being held in Ender Hall, we ask that all high school students and parents use Parking Lot G for drop off an pick up, leaving the driveway in front of Ender Hall free for use by our youngest students. 
  • Drop off begins at 7:45 am for classes that begin at 8:00 am. For classes that begin at 11:50 pm, drop off begins at 11:35 am.
      • Enter the campus via the main entrance on Paramus Road; stay on the main drive, proceeding to the end; turn left into Parking Lot C (see Campus Map). 
      •  Have your student exit with care and proceed to the sidewalk. 
      •  A public safety officer will cross students at the crosswalk. Students should enter Ender Hall and immediately proceed to their classroom.
  • After finishing class at 11:20 am or 3:10 pm, students should proceed back to Parking Lot C via the crosswalk. The public safety officer will cross students. They may wait on the sidewalk in Lot C for parents to pick them up. 
      • Please do not wait for your student in the driveway in front of Ender Hall. This space is reserved for parents of the young children in our summer camp program. 
      • Please know your pick up time.
  • Student who drive may park in Lot C in any space not reserved for faculty. Parking permits are not required.  

Classroom Assignments

Classroom assignments will be posted in Ender Hall. Students should check the list to see where the class will meet.


For students attending classes all day, please pack a bagged lunch including a beverage and a snack. Students will have access to vending machines. However, students do not have access to the cafeteria or to a refrigerator. 

Cell Phones

Cell phones cannot be used in the classroom and must be turned off during class. 

Student ID Cards

Students in the High School Summer Program will be issued temporary student identification cards from the School of Continuing Education, which will enable the student to access resources at the Bergen Community College Library. These cards will not grant any other privileges to students in the High School Summer Program. 

ID cards will be distributed by the teachers on the first day of class. Students will receive their cards in their first class of the day. 


Bergen Community College is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is prohibited on campus grounds and in campus buildings.

Students caught smoking will be issued a warning on their first offense. A second offense will result in a one-day suspension. A third offense will result in expulsion from the High School Summer Program.

If suspension causes a student to exceed the allotted number of absences or time tardy, that student will forfeit course credit and will not receive a tuition refund. Students expelled for smoking or any other disciplinary reason will forfeit course credit and will not receive a tuition refund.