New Work for Credit

New Work for Credit courses allow students to complete the curriculum for a class normally offered during the school year, receiving full credit for that class. Students who wish to get ahead or to complete a course that does not fit within their regular schedule during the year will benefit from taking a new work for credit course. Classes begin: July 3, 2018. Classes end: August 2, 2018. Classes run from Monday through Thursday.

New Work for Credit Courses  PDF

Students wishing to register for a New Work for Credit course must obtain the signature of the department head or classroom teacher of the subject for which they are seeking credit on their registration form in addition to the signature of the school principal.

New Work for Credit courses are held from 8:00 am to 3:10 pm. Students may only register for one New Work for Credit course in the summer program.

Please note: all courses are subject to adequate enrollment. Should adequate enrollment not be achieved, the class will be cancelled and tuition will be refunded or credited.

It is recommended that only those students presently on an honors track in their high schools take the honors level New Work for Credit classes. The pace of the class and the accelerated time frame of a summer course is not suitable for students not already engaged in honors level courses during the regular school year.