Summer Remedial Program

Remedial classes are open to any student who did not perform as well as anticipated during the school year, or would like to strengthen understanding of a particular subject. It is not necessary for a student to have failed a course during the regular school year in order to participate in the remedial program. Classes begin: July 3, 2018. Classes end: August 2, 2018. Classes run from Monday through Thursday.

Students and parents should check with their guidance counselor to determine how the grade achieved during the summer school program will be factored into the student’s official transcript.

Students may register for up to 2 remedial courses. Please be sure to include the correct course code on the registration form.

  • Period 1: 8:00 am-11:20 am
  • Period 2: 11:50 pm-3:10 pm

Please note: all courses are subject to adequate enrollment. Should adequate enrollment not be achieved, the class will be cancelled and tuition will be refunded or credited.

Summer Remedial Courses PDF

Please be aware that classes may be combined based on the number of students registered. This may alter the scheduled meeting time (ie, period) of the class. Students will be given the option to attend the class at the revised time, or withdraw and receive a refund or credit of their tuition.