New Pathways to Teaching Curriculum

Bergen Community College, New Jersey City University and participating NJ Community Colleges are offering an alternate route to teacher certification, which is an approved program of the New Jersey Department of Education.

This program is for candidates who possess:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited four year college or university
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Passing PRAXIS II score
  • Passing PRAXIS Core Academic Skills score
  • Introduction to Teaching 50 Hour Pre-service Completion Certificate
  • Certificate of Eligibility (CE) issued by the NJ Department of Education

The NPTNJ program is divided into four sections: Semester I, Semester II, Semester III and Semester IV. Semester I does not require the candidate to have a teaching position, but the subsequent Semesters do. For people seeking NJ teaching certification in Business, please view this website for NPTNJ Alternate Route information.

To enroll in Bergen Community College’s Semester I candidates must possess the following:

  • 3 Official, sealed college or university transcript(s)
  • Copy of passing PRAXIS II score
  • Copy of passing PRAXIS Core Academic Skills score
  • Certificate of Eligibility (CE)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 recorded on an official transcript from a 4 yr. college or university (Certain exceptions can be made if the candidate’s GPA is at least 2.75)

Candidates must complete the 50 Hour Introduction to Teaching course in order to enroll in the New Pathway’s 400-hour program, which will be offered in a hybrid format over two years while the candidate is working as a teacher. They must also enroll in the school district’s mentoring program. The NJ Department of Education will provide the candidates with a provisional teaching certificate while they complete the 400-hour program.

For further information, please contact Regina Imperato at [email protected] or 201-493-3792.