Cooperative education is an academic program in which students spend part of their time in class, and part in off-campus placements related to their major. Students have the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical work situations and learn work related skills. In addition, participants in CO-OP earn academic credit for their work experience.

Why do Employers Participate in CO-OP?

  • Cost effective recruitment and training of potential employees
  • Flexible staffing to meet variable needs (peak season relief, leave replacements)
  • Improved access to qualified women and minority candidates
  • More effective use of high paid staff by relieving them of responsibility for routine duties
  • Opportunity to participate in and influence the educational process
  • Opportunity to enhance company image within community
  • A chance to evaluate candidates in their own environment
  • Increased retention of new employees

In addition, co-op students bring fresh ideas, high energy, motivation and productivity to the workplace.

Call (201) 447-7171 for job order forms which you can fax to us when you have opportunities for our students.

Cooperative education is an investment in our future!