Effective leadership is key to an organization’s success. All leaders are different, but are similar as they are lifelong learners, always networking, problem solvers, and have a desire to improve. Our instructors develop your employees into innovative, transformational leaders who will impact your organization’s bottom line.

We offer the following Leadership Training Courses.  Contact our Corporate Training Department for more information at corporatetraining@bergen.edu, or at 201-612-5300.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques used to improve business processes and eliminate defects. Getting a Six Sigma certification is a great way of improving your leadership capabilities and demonstrating your business understanding and analytical capabilities. A Six Sigma certification will equip you to become a change agent within your organization capable of implementing process improvements in your organization.

Human Resources Certificate

Whether setting out on a new career path, or a current HR professional looking to expand your knowledge, this program is designed to help you develop methods and skills necessary to meet the challenges of today’s changing workplace and workforce.

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

This program provides knowledge to current and beginning supervisors to become exceptional in their role. Participants will learn the best practices for navigating through the necessary components of communicating, motivating, delegating, resolving conflict, managing budgets, generating revenue, and coaching their employees. They will also identify their own supervisory styles to achieve higher levels of competence, commitment, collaboration, and productivity.

Non Profit Leadership

Develop your ability as a leader of a nonprofit organization regardless of size or mission. Learn to overcome obstacles with fundraising, leadership skills, and broaden your nonprofit’s contribution to the community it serves. Become inspired by maximizing organizational outcomes and drive social impact. Participants will also learn about their own leadership style and how to manage and lead employees in the nonprofit sector.

Project Management

The ultimate success or failure of a project is directly related to the quality of the planning process for the project.  This course provides participants with an overview of the essential elements of project management and the project management life cycle. Organizations are using project management skills to provide a structure for dealing with increasingly competitive markets, financial pressures to improve performance, restructuring, acquisitions, and globalization. Project management provides a structure for addressing the pressures that most organizations are facing. 


Avoid damaging communication and relationships with coworkers, clients, and stakeholders by developing strategies to manage difficult people and situations. This training will help your employees to understand what conflict is, how it escalates, and how to manage one’s emotions. Effective techniques are taught for intervention and de-escalation. Participants will create an action plan to solidify their de-escalation skills. 

FInancials for the Non-Financial Manager

Non-financial managers and business executives will be given tools to understand their company’s financial information and become more effective team members when making strategic contributions to their organization. Become familiar with financial terms, statements, and analysis techniques. Learn to understand and apply financial principles and how to apply financial analysis to drive decisions. 

Managing and Leading Your Team Remotely

This training is designed to provide tools, resources, and insightful perspectives to individuals who are responsible for leading and managing their teams in a remote environment. The session is conducted in an interactive format with a combination of lecture, individual, and group activities. Attendees will leave the course with a plan for actions they can implement immediately.