1. Why Give to Bergen

For more than 50 years, Bergen Community College has been an engine for opportunity.  Recognized by the Aspen Institute as one of the top community colleges in the nation, Bergen offers a pathway to productive, innovative jobs, and drives more than $600 million each year into Bergen County’s economy, according to a study by the Department of Economic Impact.

With today’s public funding limitations, however, only a combination of good management and philanthropy will allow the best public colleges to succeed.  Private donations can supplement public funds to help advance critical strategic initiatives:

■  Helping Students succeed through guidance and tutoring programs, increased academic resources, and scholarships.

■  Driving program excellence through innovation and accelerated upgrades to equipment and facilities.

■  Building community to impact the campus, shape student experience, and engage the local community.

Your investment into the future of this college will maintain the excellence that this community has earned. Our time is now.

Transforming Lives

Each year, more than 13,500 people use Bergen as a stepping stone to careers in today’s knowledge-based economy:

■  Young people seeking skills and direction across a variety of degrees.

■  Mid-career professionals seeking specialized certification in our Division of Continuing Education.

■  Immigrants seeking pathways to productive lives in their new community

More students graduate from Bergen with associates degrees and specialty certification than from any other college in the state of New Jersey.  We provide students with the guidance desire, the opportunities they deserve, and the tools required to succeed, both in school and beyond.

Bergen for Bergen

Bergen Community College is New Jersey’s most productive pipeline to higher education, employment, and career advancement.  Our community benefits from people realizing their personal and economic potential.

More than 75% of students at the college are from Bergen County. And unlike students from other colleges who scatter upon graduation, more than 80% of Bergen graduates stay in Bergen County to live, work, and raise their families.

The power of New Jersey’s largest and most recognized community college is that it serves the community.  In the community.  For the community

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