2. Helping Students Succeed

The promise of a Bergen education has always been that you can shape your own future, regardless of your background or ability to to afford it.

Many students, however, find themselves in need of additional support during their time at Bergen. Our college is committed to keeping such support available, but the demand for these initiatives is greater than public funding and tuition alone can support.

To achieve this, we need your help:

Academic Tutoring // Bergen provides academic support from peers and faculty through our nationally recognized drop-in tutoring clinic.

Guidance and Mentoring // Many students struggle with personal challenges based on individual or family situations. Faculty and staff provide compassion, advice, and direction to help them stay on track.

Need-Based and Merit-Based Scholarships // Many Bergen students must balance school with work and family demands, while struggling to manage the financial obstacles in between them and their degree. Scholarships can make the difference in their ability to stay on track.

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