2. Helping Students Succeed

Expand access to guidance and tutoring programs, as well as need-based and merit-based scholarships.

You can shape your own future. No matter your background, no matter the financial concerns. At Bergen Community College, the promise of an excellent, personally focused educational experience is available to each student. Your future, your choices, our support and guidance. All geared toward your success!

Bergen Community College is committed to providing an affordable, stimulating, and top academic experience. At times, the demand for these initiatives is greater than public funding and tuition alone can support. To achieve the best experience possible for each of our students, we need your help:

Support for Academic Excellence // We realize that extra help is needed from time to time, and to that point, our award-winning Cerullo Learning Assistance Center is designed not to intimidate, but to help each student have a positive experience and while finding solutions to their needs. Maybe it’s peer-to-peer tutoring or faculty one-on-one support; perhaps the experience is a lab working with a small group; no matter the need, our focus is to achieve success. Bergen takes an active role in providing help. Sponsorship of our Center is needed, so that we can continue to offer each student the needed resources to obtain academic excellence.

Guidance and Mentoring // No matter the circumstance, people sometimes need a hand when hit with adversity. Whether it be a personal challenge, family situation, or other manner, we strive to provide our students with guidance, counseling, and compassion to help them stay on track. Our donors take great personal pride in supporting these services, both voluntary and financially.

Scholarships // It is amazing the difference an individual can make in another person’s life with a scholarship. You, the donor, have the opportunity to completely change our students’ lives by funding scholarships. Many juggle work and school, and financial support – be it merit or need based – is a life-changing gift.

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