Ron Mazurek Electronic Music Laboratory

Ron Mazurek has been recognized worldwide for his work in electronic music and here, at home, for making electronic music a significant part of our lives.  Well respected by his students and peers, Ron was instrumental in the development of the Bergen Community College Associate of Arts Degree in Electronic Music.  He also inaugurated the Bergen Community College Artist-in-Residence program, beginning with James McBride, and collaborated with his colleagues in the creation of the popular “Ars Electronica” series. In concert with other institutions of higher education, Ron used his talents as a composer to encourage interactive environments that expanded the boundaries of the traditional music experience.

In 2005 – 06, Ron was the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright grant in music studies,  He generated excitement and enthusiasm in the world of electronic music – not only in the metro-New York region, but across the nation and abroad.