Faces of Diversity
April 15- May 10, 2008

Bergen Community College features a diverse student body, made up of cultures from around the world. The exhibition, “Faces of Diversity,” focuses on BCC’s multicultural community.

“Faces of Diversity” exhibition combines the impact of personal storytelling with the power of visual medium (photography), creating a visual narrative that connects the area’s diverse cultural community.

The students portraits were photographed by Professor Fariba Hajamadi. Over eighty students posed for their portrait over a period one month. Selected students were asked to share their personal stories and insights as they relate to the collective experience of Bergen Community College, Bergen County, New Jersey, and America as a whole.

A selection of twenty(30 x 40 in) photographic portraits from the above is presented in the exhibition. The subject of each portrait is the author of a story, excerpts of which will accompany the portraits in the gallery exhibit.

A catalogue accompanies this exhibition with an essay by Professor Sarah Markgraph.

Dedicated to Art: The Visual Art Faculty
November 1- December 15, 2007

  • Carlos Acosta-Rios
  • Gregg Biermann
  • Suzaan Boettger
  • Bart D”Andrea
  • Mark Ensslen
  • Sharon Falk
  • Andrea Geller Jablonski
  • Fariba Hajamadi
  • Carl Jablonski
  • Bernice Leibowitz
  • Claire McConaughy
  • Despina Metaxatos
  • Paul Mindell
  • Timmy Mintz
  • Jerome Press
  • Jack Sarran

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