The Armenians: Spirit of Survival
April 28-May 22, 2009

Bergen Community College celebrates the Armenian people’s triumph over tragedy with the photographic exhibition, The Armenians: Spirit of Survival, sponsored by the college’s Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding, the Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation Center, and the Bergen Community College Foundation.

The exhibit, provided by Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Inc., chronicles the struggle of the Armenian people in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as their culture, religion, language and very existence were threatened and nearly annihilated. The Armenian people suffered the 20th-century’s first massive atrocity, which led to the deaths of as many as 1.5 million people in 1915. The Armenians persevered – in spite of great loss – and found the spirit needed to thrive.

The Gallery Bergen’s display features 40 enlarged vintage photographs that visually document the period.

Left: The Abrahamian Family: Two Generations New Julfa, Persian Empire, 1894 Courtesy of Meda Abrahamian Sirakian, Glendale, CA, and Peggy Hovanessian, Lexington, MA

Out of the Blue
February 19-April 17, 2009

Curated by Amy Lipton and artists Joy Episalla, and Joy Garnett, out of the blue presents works by 24 prominent artists from New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Vancouver.

The exhibition focuses on the dynamics of human creativity as a metaphor for geological and atmospheric phenomena. Treating issues of weather both literally and symbolically, out of the blue approaches the creative process as a kind of weather system.

Ideas, like hurricanes, seem to come “out of the blue,” though they arrive through a combination of complex forces. Through metaphors provided by art, out of the blue leads us through the tangle of influences—both innovative and destructive—that humans exert upon one another and the environment. Understanding and cultivating these influences and relationships is the key to our cultural vitality in a world where technological hubris and political arrogance can overshadow tolerance and collaboration.

out of the blue generates its own weather conditions, a storm of intertwined processes—artistic, social, political, atmospheric, and geological. As we influence one another, we in turn affect our culture and the environment, and creativity itself becomes a force of nature.

Student Art Exhibition/Faculty Selects
November 11, 2008-January 29, 2009

The exhibition will showcase student artwork that consists of paintings, drawings, photography, two dimensional design, graphic design and animation that has been selected by faculty members from the Department of Visual Arts. Live music will be provied by Bergen’s jazz ensemble.

A project of the Department of Visual Arts, the show was organized by Bergen Faculty Member and Visual Arts Coordinator Andrea Geller Jablonski.

The Visual Arts Department at Bergen Community College offers a rich and varied environment for artistic challenge and growth, consisting of outstanding faculty members who are working artists and media professionals. Bergen Community College is committed to provide excellence in training in all areas of fine and commercial art skills.

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