2010-11 Art Club Officers from Left Thalia Goldstone, Evans Mbai and President Lisbeth Jimenez

BCC Art Club Sponsored Student Exhibition Spring 2011
March 3 – 13, 2011

BCC Art Club sponsored student art exhibition showcasing the art of BCC students. All BCC students were invited to hang and exhibit their work during this two-week celebration of student art, movtivation and inspiration!

Music provided by The Music Interactive Club.

Threads of Continuity
March 1-26, 2011

Featured Artists:
Gallery Bergen is pleased to announce Threads of Continuity opening on March 1st from 6-8pm and running through March 26, 2011. The exhibition is organized by Assistant Professor Claire McConaughy and will include paintings by Claudine Anrather, Sarah Bedford, Holly Coulis, Nancy Friedemann, Judy Mannarino, Claire McConaughy, and Tracy Miller all of whom work in New York.

Threads of Continuity acknowledges the influence of historical female artists who have opened the door for a diversity of styles and subjects of women artists today. This group of artists is brought together by particularly contemporary ideas that continue the timeline of female painting.

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