Student Art Exhibition
May 3 – 18, 2012

Fractured History, Reconstructing Identity: Degrees of Westernizationin Armenian Painting and Other Mediums
April 3 – April 26, 2012

The exhibition is comprised of contemporary paintings, sculptures and works in other mediums by Armenian artists based in their homeland and the diaspora. As the title indicates, the exhibition exploresthe extent to which a given work is both formalistically connected to a major twentieth-century aesthetic trajectory and linked to the unique socio-historical context of Armenian culture.

Between Worlds: The Influence of African Art
Feb 23-Mar 22, 2012

The exhibit showcases the influence of traditional African objects on European and modern artists such as Picasso, Braque, and Modigliani. Within the African world, objects impact nearly every aspect of life, bridging the division between childhood and adulthood, the natural and spiritual worlds, the living and the dead, peace and conflict, sickness and health, barrenness and fertility, and civilization and bestiality.

The exhibition is sponsored by Bergen Community College’s Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding.

Professor Charles Bordogna, the Center’s Director, will serve as the guest curator. For additional information, please contact Professor Charles Bordogna atcbordogna@bergen.edu

In-Sight: New Jersey Artist Exhibition
November 8-December 20, 2011

The exhibition features paintings, photographs, and sculptures from faculty members and alumni of New Jersey state schools, including Bergen Community College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick and Newark, Montclair State University, and Seton Hall University.

The works selected for the exhibition address a multitude of ways that the relationship between the visual appearance and the inward nature of things challenge the notions of visual perception as reality.

Bergen Professor Denise Budd organized this exhibition, in collaboration with Gallery Bergen and the College’s Visual Art Department.

    Featured Artists:

  • Emanuele Cacciatore
  • Wendy Erickson
  • Nancy Goldring
  • Annie Hogan
  • Saydi Kaufman
  • David Keefe
  • Kerry Kolenut
  • Joe Lugara
  • So Yoon Lym
  • Ben Pranger

Giuseppe Munafo Mastering the MInd
October xx-26, 2011

For many years, I have been working on a theoretical-artistic and scientific research focused on the evidence of the energy that drives creativity and progress in every field. This exhibition is based on this research and intends to make visible the points of entry of a new space. MASTERING THE MIND takes you on a journey through the brain where life, matter and intellect are in direct communication between all entities in the universe.

The mind, forced to move into its own structure, is able to travel distances at speed that annul the time. My works create a point of access to such natural structure where the viewer moves freely. The best way to create an awareness of how the mind is capable of taking us to the point of entry is to work with something familiar and globally used.

    The search engine,Google, is the source for the four themes of the exhibit:


Your mind will suggest the way ahead and will take you to a space where the exhibition actually takes place. Language, Logic and Science make us aware of the process, employed by the mind, to move through space and allow us to understand how matter and intellect relate to the universe, according to a spontaneous organic aggregation giving life to an organism able to expand infinitely. The immortality of the intellect expands the universe.

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