Women’s Institute

Womens Institute

Our Mission

Bergen Community College’s Women’s Institute is dedicated to developing the skills and innate abilities of all women who care about taking greater control of their lives. The Institute is a consortium of local businesses, site teaching and professional mentorship programs at Bergen Community College. We offer women the opportunity to build new skills, impart their lifelong set of values and partner with a wide variety of business and educational leaders to become more influential and stronger contributors to the local community.

Our continually expanding organization is caring, nurturing and supportive; imparting its collective years of experience to other women interested in expanding their skills in the workplace and at home.

Our Vision

Bergen Community College’s Women’s Institute seeks to support and nurture women’s educational, emotional and physical needs throughout the many phases of life. The Women’s Institute is a valuable resource center for networking and achieving a woman’s fullest possible potential. Professional mentorships and affiliations are a hallmark of the Institute. Traditionally, women provide a nurturing role for their families, economically and emotionally. The Women’s Institute provides a diverse array of engaging and transformational experiences. The goal of the Women’s Institute is to develop a women’s leadership curriculum to educate women to attain their personal and intellectual goals.