Mentorship Program

The Women’s Institute Presents:

Meet the Experts Mentoring Sessions

Bergen Community College
The Moses Family Meeting and Training Center

Technology Education Center

TEC 128 E/F

400 Paramus Road

Paramus, New Jersey

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Women Executives: Bypassing the glass ceiling

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Bergen Community College’s Women’s Institute is dedicated to developing the skills and innate abilities of all women who care about taking greater control of their lives. We empower women through the opportunity to build new skills utilizing education and partnerships to become more influential and stronger contributors to the local community.

The Mentor Program is part of the Women’s Institute’s outreach initiative to introduce women to leadership opportunities in the community.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. (The National Mentoring Partnership)

Giving that has many returns.

The Mentor

Through their personal experience, mentors help their mentees avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions. Already successful in their own careers, mentors foster success in their mentees. A mentor’s greatest gift is when they realize that they have made a fundamental difference in their mentees lives.

The Mentee

A mentee receives personal support by a professional who has their best interest at heart, while making critical career decisions. A mentor receives encouragement by tailored career development advice by their mentor. Mostly mentees feel the relief of having someone to trust in a mentor to give them the good, bad and the ugly about their personal situation and help mentees develop skills and resources to advance their career.

For more information, please contact:

Andrea Schaffel (201) 493-8975 or
[email protected] 
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