Jaws for Windows XP/Vista: version 10.0
JAWS for Windows is a screen-reader software program developed for blind and low vision impaired students. Jaws is compatible most standard personal computer sound cards and sound blasters. Thus offers blind and low vision impaired students easier access to information technology. JAWS works with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows NT operating systems. JAWS software is also compatible with Microsoft Word 10.0, Excel and other related application software. It can also browse the web, read or help you write e-mail messages, recalculate spreadsheets, and access information in a database. Therefore, if students need to write term papers or composition, JAWS can read back to students what they are writing. JAWS can also help students navigate the Internet for research projects.

ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader for Windows XP/Vista: version 9.1
ZoomText is a screen – reading magnification software for students with low vision. ZoomText can enlarge any Windows XP and Windows NT programs from two (2x) to sixteen (16x) times its original size. It has eight (8) different zoom windows for full partial screen enlargement and displays clear images. It is a very easy program to install, images are displayed in color and can be use to navigate the Internet. ZoomText is considered the most advanced screen magnifier on the market.

Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000 for Windows XP/Vista: version 11
Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000 are sophisticated computer scan / reading software programs design for students with learning disabilities and visual impairments. The programs are capable of converting printed material from textbooks, magazines, and other word processing documents to high-quality synthesized speech format using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000 then read to students aloud and can be programmed to read at their pace. It is a user-friendly program, and easy to navigate. Kurzweil program is an advanced reading system which provides spoken dictionary definitions, synonyms, syllabification, and letter-by-letter spelling. It has the capability to help students build their reading vocabulary.