Counseling Services

The counselors in the EOF Department are highly trained professionals dedicated to supporting student development and student success through a comprehensive range of services. All EOF students are assigned a counselor who is available to assist the student from enrollment through graduation at Bergen Community College.Regular contact between a student and their counselor increases the student’s chance for a successful academic outcome as problems can be prevented or solved early on. All EOF students are required to meet with their EOF counselor a minimum of once a month.

When you visit your counselor, please make sure to sign in at the front desk in order to assure that your meeting is documented.

EOF counselors support students by helping with:

  • Adjustment to college life and campus environment.
  • Selecting appropriate courses.
  • Registering for classes.
  • Personal and academic and career counseling.
  • Referrals for permanent tutoring appointments.
  • Exploring and planning educational and career goals.
  • Facilitate the transition to four year institutions.
  • Financial aid assistance including explaining the application and renewal process.