Pre-Freshman Summer Program

The EOF Pre-Freshman Summer Program is a state funded program offered to first-time college students entering the EOF Program at Bergen Community College.It is an intensive pre-college preparatory academic program designed to give first-time, full-time, college students a head start on their college career. The summer program runs for 6 weeks (July 7th – August 6th) with classes meeting Monday through Thursday 9am – 4pm (Fridays off). There is no cost associated in attending this program as books for the summer program, lunch vouchers and a weekly travel stipend are included.

In the summer program, students are placed in Reading, Writing and Math classes based upon their score on the College Basic Skills Test.At the end of the summer students are retested again and if they score high enough, you will be placed into a higher level of Math and/or English class in the fall. This program gives students the chance to take the test for a second time to improve your score; saving them from taking a semester of English and Math classes.

Students who attend the EOF Summer Program receive many benefits including:

  • Enrichment classes in reading, writing and math
  • The opportunity to advance or test out of basic skills classes in these subjects
  • FREE in-class tutoring in these subjects
  • The opportunity to learn the campus and meet BCC faculty and administration
  • Participate in leadership activities and workshops

Reading Program – Designed to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary; you will understand and remember more of what you read.

Writing Program – Helps improve fundamental academic skills in the areas of reading and writing. Class instruction emphasizes the development of literal comprehension, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation, and vocabulary. This will help you to better express yourself, write essays or class reports at a later date, and will better prepare you for any writing assignments.

Math Program – The results of the New Jersey College Basic Skills Test will determine whether you take Basic Math(computation) or algebra.

To be ELIGIBLE for the Educational Opportunity Fund Summer Pre-Freshman program students must meet EOF eligibility requirements, schedule an interview with an EOF counselor, and complete the EOF Application.