Tutoring Services

Need help with homework? Having difficulty grasping a lesson? Trying to organize a research paper? There is help available!

  • Bergen Community College is home to the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (Room L-118) which provides free tutoring services in many subjects.EOF students can benefit greatly from the special privilege of up to twice weekly permanent appointments with a preferred tutor.Permanent appointments are limited to 6 hours per week per student.Additional time may be granted upon request.In order to make permanent appointments, you must obtain an EOF Tutoring Referral Form from your counselor or other EOF staff.On this form you will specify what subject(s) for which you will be making permanent appointments.
  • EOF students who are required to take basic skills courses or who are experiencing difficulty in any course are expected to attend tutoring services at least once a week.Students who receive a progress report stating that they are currently at a C or below are required as per their EOF Agreement to attend weekly tutoring sessions in that subject through the end of the semester.Walk in and regular tutoring appointments may be made without a counselor referral.There are even online tutoring services available for math and writing that can be accessed 24/7.
  • For the location, hours of operation and additional information regarding the services of the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center, please visit their website.

What to expect from a tutor:

  • Tutors can help you improve your problem solving skills.
  • Tutors supplement your classroom lessons, provide hints, suggestions, etc., but cannot replace your good, honest, hard work.
  • Tutors will help you learn to organize long term assignments and manage your time through careful planning. 

Materials you may wish to bring to your session:

  • Textbook and completed homework
  • Notes, syllabus, past tests, and quizzes
  • A list of challenging problems and questions you would like to ask your tutor
  • Paper, pen, pencil, and/or highlighters
  • Calculator