The northeastern coast of the United States has a varied climate, warm summers (June, July and August), cold winters (December through Mid-March), pleasant autumns and springs. Snow often falls during the winter and rain comes during any season of the year.

Because our weather changes from season to season, it is important that your wardrobe be sufficient, especially during the winter months. A warm coat, gloves, hat, scarf, umbrella, raincoat, windbreaker and waterproof boots are recommended. Sweatshirts and heavy sweaters are also recommended. During late spring, summer and fall, lightweight coats or jackets are appropriate. In all cases, casual clothing is recommended, as it is comfortable and durable.

Getting to Campus

To arrange for your own transportation to BCC from local airports (Newark Liberty in New Jersey or John F. Kennedy Airport or Laguardia in New York City), you can choose from several services. The most recently available fares are provided, but verify the current fare when arranging your ride.

We suggest that you arrive in the USA with some USA currency for expenses such as these.

Limousine/Taxi Services

Bus and Train Information