International Alumni

Katarzyna Niedzwiecka

Cześć! My name is Katarzyna Niedzwiecka and I’m from Poland. I came to the U.S. three years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a journalist.

In the fall of 2011, I was accepted to Bergen Community College as a full-time student, majoring in Journalism. I chose a community college, because I needed a stepping-stone that would enable me to move closer to my goal – earning a University degree. I also needed some time to adjust to the new environment, and the whole new life. Thanks to kindness and support of the BCC staff, it didn’t take me too long to regain self-confidence, and became more socially active. I met many people – both students and faculty members – who helped me believe in myself. All in all, adapting to the new environment was a very interesting experience that helped me grow as a person.

A very important moment in my academic career was when I received a letter from Phi Theta Kappa, inviting me to join the honor society. PTK made me realize that there was much more to life in college than just academics. I got a chance to meet people like myself – open-minded and ready to change the world. I met professors who challenge and inspire students to work harder, and to achieve more. Being around them gave me a constant “boost” to do my best, not only in the classroom, but also outside of school, in real life.

During the four semesters at Bergen Community College I’ve learned a lot academic-wise, but, more importantly, my social and emotional growth was immeasurable. Now, after two years, I’m graduating BCC to take on a new challenge. I’ve been accepted to Columbia University, and I hope to complete my Bachelor’s degree at this prestigious institution.

Min Kim

Hello, fellow international students! My name is Min Kim and I’m a Bergen Alum, Class of 2013, and originally from South Korea. It is my great honor that Bergen is my first Alma Mater where I’ve got transferred to Brown University. Whatever motives or situations led you here to Bergen, I’ve got no doubt that you would learn and experience so many valuable things, just like I did so during the past 2 years. There are a bunch of opportunities you can find here as an international student, which I would like to enthusiastically encourage you to seek out! I was the President of Model UN, math tutor; but most of all, I was a part of I-Team and worked in the ISC.  It was so much worth for me to meet everybody from everywhere, and help you smoothly getting used to the States. I wish you can feel safe and comfort in your new home, Bergen, where you can make your dream come true!  Please don’t forget you’re a splendid part of Bergen, the most diverse place in the world.



Dea Ho Moon, May 2010 Valedictorian

I was born in Boseong, but I grew up in Suwon City in South Korea. I lived there for 20 years, and came to the United States after graduating high school. I have always dreamed of working for NASA, and coming to the US made that dream more possible to accomplish. Since Korean people told me that Bergen Community College is one of the best community colleges in the nation, I decided to go to BCC. At first, I started Bergen with the American Language Program. Through the program, I started speaking English and making friends. After finishing ALP, I have been involved in various club activities. I worked for the Math Club as the president, the Student Government Association as a senator, the Honors Association as the treasurer, and the Phi Theta Kappa as an enhanced member. I also participated in the intramural soccer program because I love soccer. Through various club activities and programs offered from Bergen, I could acculturate myself in the United States, and grasped the meaning of diversity, leadership, and friendship. For my academic ability, I challenged myself through the Honors Program and working as a tutor in the campus’ tutoring center. Through this great opportunity, I was able to prepare myself for the four year universities. As I enjoyed my college life and pursuing my dream, Bergen was the start in accomplishing that dream to working for NASA. Today, through this enjoyment, I became the Valedictorian of the Class of 2010, and got admitted to the University of California Berkeley.

Sunha Chung

Originally from South Korea, I came to the United States to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming an airline pilot. Bergen Community College has provided me with a high-quality education. My favorite class was Public Speaking because I overcame my fear of talking in front of large groups of people.  After graduating from BCC, I transferred to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. My advice to students is to never give up on their dreams.




Iulia Comanici

As an international student from Romania, Bergen Community College became my home away from home. I really enjoyed my time at Bergen because of the institution’s rich cultural diversity and extensive degree offerings. I was so proud of myself for completing Bergen’s competitive Nursing program and passing the Registered Nursing exam. My degree enabled me to get hands-on experience working as a registered nurse during the optional practical training program. Working as a nurse gave me the opportunity to apply what I have learned and reinforced my belief that nursing is the field I want to be in. When I am not studying, I like to spend time with my niece and travel. I am currently furthering my education at Ramapo College.



Tilia Tanner 

Originally from Albania, it has been a life-long dream of mine to study in the United States. As a student at Bergen, I learned the importance of education from my professors and peers. Bergen also provided me with a sense of belonging and acceptance because I was surrounded by individuals who wanted to succeed. After graduating from Bergen, I received a bachelor’s degree from William Paterson University. I am currently attending graduate school at Columbia University.


Albina Gode

I am originally from Albania but came to the United States in hopes of pursuing a successful career. Bergen Community College offers students a diverse array of programs at an affordable price.  I hope to transfer to a four-year institution such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology. My ultimate goal is to receive a doctorate degree in architecture. In addition to my academic pursuits, I also enjoy drawing, reading and spending time with my friends.





Jona Isufi

I am an International Student from Albania, and came in the United States as a senior in high school in 2007. During my first year here, I found out about Bergen Community College, where I attained an Honors Associates Degree in Science in Biotechnology. BCC gave me a great opportunity to enhance my skills, and get me closer to achieving my dreams. I was very involved on campus, being an ambassador, I-Team captain and member, ISA president, Albanian Club President, PTK enhanced member, a science and math tutor, as well as various roles in organizations. Thanks to the help of staff and faculty, I had a great start of my academic career. Currently, I am studying in Bloomfield College double-majoring in Mathematics, and Chemistry with a concentration with Biochemistry.  I feel like I am on the right track starting from BCC, so I encourage everyone to never give up and work hard to achieve their dreams, because they come true.