Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment Background
Under the direction of the Center for Institutional Effectiveness (CIE), all Academic Departments and designated Administrative and Educational Support (AES) departments develop assess plans. These plans are developed on a two-year cycle.

The Office of Student Conduct prides itself on the institutional values of learning, excellence, integrity, respect, and creativity. As student conduct professionals, we are committed to learning through innovative and creative processes and programs. We hope to promote excellence and integrity in our daily work. To this end, we are committed to assessment and evaluation of our services, programs, processes, mission, vision, values, and learning outcomes.

Assessment Cycle – 2015-2017
In this assessment cycle, the Office of Student Conduct attempted to measure the effectiveness of one of its core principles: to educate students about the Student Code of Conduct through various educational programs.

The Office of Student Conduct successfully partnered with Institutional Research and the Business Department. A mixed-method survey instrument was developed for all Spring 2017 students enrolled in Introduction to Business. Learn more about our assessment efforts below.

For the 2015-2017 CIE Assessment Cycle, the Office of Student Conduct received “Exemplary Status” for its AES Report. “Exemplary Status” indicates that the report was comprehensive, meaningful, and collaborative in nature.