The Office of Student Conduct in collaboration with various departments within the Division of Student Affairs strives to develop student responsibility, teach respect for oneself and others, and promotes the growth of the entire student body by implementing the Student Code of Conduct in an unbiased, timely, consistent manner through the use of the goals and outcomes outlined below.

Goal 1: Bergen Community College will aim to maintain a campus climate that is conducive to the educational mission of the College.

  • Outcome 1: Incidents reported through the conduct system will be monitored and information will be used as benchmark data for next academic year. Rate and types of incidents will be reported.

Goal 2: The Office of Student Life and Conduct will make students aware of the College’s expectations regarding student conduct by providing students with information on how to access the related policies and procedures.

  • Outcome 1: In collaboration with the Office of Student Life, the Office of Student Conduct will aim to educate students about the Student Code of Conduct through various programming events as measured through pre and post assessment to analyze student knowledge.

Goal 3: Students alleged to have been engaged in behavior that violates the College’s Student Code of Conduct will be addressed through the student conduct process and encouraged to refrain from engaging in such behavior.

  • Outcome 1: Reduce the recidivism rate of students undergoing the conduct process as measured by incidents reported during AY 2013-2013.

Goal 5: The administrators of the conduct process will adhere to the applicable policy, process and procedural standards of the College.

  • Outcome 1: The Staff will continue to participate in professional development and engage in a documented peer reviewed process of policies, website, and the student handbook.