Our Founding Members

Bergen Community College NJ ACE Chapter Founding Members 10/13 

Cora Fenney, Senior Secretary 

Ann Gill, Coordinator 1-2-3 Connect Title V 

Alicia Graham, Registration Office Representative 

Dr. Naydeen Gonzalez-De Jesus, Vice President of Student Affairs 

Jamie Smigelski (Harty), Counselor, 1-2-3 Connect Title V 

Ruth Ann Heck, Executive Secretary, President’s Office 

Johanna Heule, Scheduling and Facilities Planner 

Magali Muniz, Managing Director Student Affairs at the Meadowlands 

Jacqueline Ottey, Managing Director of Records and Registration 

Nilda Pardo, Senior Accounting Assistant 

Nadine Phillips, Online Counselor 

Abigail Santiago, Bookkeeper