Peer Mentoring

About Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are elite student leaders devoted to encouraging and assisting first-year students in a successful transition to college. 

Peer Mentors guide their new peers through the academic, social and career rigors of the college environment while collaboratively setting attainable goals.  These student leaders serve as role models and are an integral part of the 1-2-3 Connect: First Year Experience Program and Bergen Community College.

Peer Mentors are assigned to the sections of IST123: Success 101 (T) to provide in-class support to first-year students.  In addition, the Peer Mentors hold office hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., in B-220, the Peer Mentor Drop-In Center. Students are encouraged to visit B-220 to meet with their Peer Mentor for social and/or academic support or to connect with other peers in the Program.

1-2-3 Connect students are eligible to apply for the coveted (paid) Peer Mentor position after the successful completion of their first year in the 1-2-3 Connect: First Year Experience Program.  Serving as a Peer Mentor is a wonderful way to build your resume while acquiring leadership skills and recognition on campus.

Peer Mentoring Forms:

Meet the Mentors:

Alexandra Crowley
Peer Mentor

Amber Pearson
Peer Mentor
Amel Bermudez, Peer Mentor
Amel Bermudez
Peer Mentor
Cassandra Preciose, Peer Mentor
Cassandra Preciose
Peer Mentor
Christopher Kim, Peer Mentor
Christopher Kim
Peer Mentor
Doretha Jackson, Peer Mentor
Doretha Jackson
Peer Mentor
Eliiott Stevens-Fosque, Peer Mentor.
Elliott Stevens-Fosque
Peer Mentor
Hannah Lee, Peer Mentor
Hannah Lee
Peer Mentor
Isaac Alejo-Reyes, Peer Mentor.
Isaac Alejo-Reyes
Peer Mentor
Jeffry Rothman, Peer Mentor
Jeffrey Rothman
Peer Mentor
Ji Yon Kim, Peer Mentor
Ji Yon Kim
Peer Mentor
Lorraine Derwin, Peer Mentor
Lorraine Derwin
Peer Mentor
Nora Figueroa, Peer Mentor
Nora Figueroa
Peer Mentor
Stanly Newball, Peer Mentor
Stanly Newball
Peer Mentor
Theodore Berlingeri, Peer Mentor

About Retention Ambassadors/Agents

Bergen Community College is invested in fostering a diverse community committed to personal and academic excellence. Retention Ambassadors/Agents, successful and trained students, will be charged with advancing and supporting our community – with civility and respect – for incoming and continuing students and faculty and staff.

Retention Ambassador/Agents are essential to Bergen Community College remaining a number one choice as it continues to be a community that forges relationships of excellence, persistence, retention, and pivotal graduation rates. There is no “community without you!”

Retention Ambassadors/Agents forms: